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Why Finding the Best Isn't Worth It

In the delightfully sophomoric movie Clerks 2, Randal tells Dante, “Odds are there’s someone out there who’s a better match for you than the girl you are about to marry.” Even if Dante engaged in the most thorough possible search for a wife (which he certainly didn’t in the movie), Randal’s statement is correct.
Despite that, rational marital search, job search, or search for a high quality/low price product should stop when the gains from additional searches begin to fall short of the cost of spending the time and money searching and of giving up the pleasure of what you can already get.
There is always some job out there that will suit you better, some better match as a mate, or a better deal on a purchase. Randal’s implied advice is bad economics. If followed, it would guarantee permanent bachelorhood for Dante.