FREAK Shots: Business Cards of the Unemployed

The Cardsofchange website posts photos of revamped business cards sent in by the recently laid-off. The cards, most of which are marked up in pen or marker, reflect what each person has done since losing his or her job.

One person wrote about his volunteer experience:


Another painted a blissful image over his:


All of the cards have a fairly positive twist and, happily, none of them look like these.


I turned my old business cards into playing cards:


That painted business card is my husband's! So cool it was featured here. You can check out his art here: :-)


Here's mine.


Recycling or modifying old business cards is one thing (many people just throw them out), but personal business cards have become more popular in the past decade, after a long lapse. "Calling cards" were popular way back when, but I spent a long time designing business cards for retirees, people who did a lot of personal traveling, and the proliferation of blogs and internal family websites. Note also the somewhat annoying mommy cards that list something like "Mikey's Mom" prominently.

And my own, because I got tired of writing my blog address on other business cards:

Business cards are low-tech, but are still pretty efficient for conveying detailed and hard to remember data in a small form.

Richard Schmidt

When my neice and nephew graduated from college, I had 'personal cards' printed for them, and registered their names as ".com" names.

They are able to present a business card with their full name as their email address.

It makes a much better impression on perspective employers.