Coming Soon to a Multiplex Near You?

You know that sensation when you’re reading an article in your morning newspaper and, about three grafs in, you start imagining the movie version and you can practically hear the Hollywood studios scrambling to get hold of the writer and the subject in order to lock up their life rights?

O.K., maybe we don’t all read the paper that way. But that was my experience this morning upon reading this Times feature by Daniel J. Wakin about an 18-year-old Palestinian whose dream is to be a world-class violin repairman. It has all the requisite elements for a Hollywood weeper: fettered youth, yearning to break free; an opportunity for a constantly swelling soundtrack; and of course violins. The only thing the producers need to invent is the proper love interest — perhaps, to give it some Romeo and Juliet, a young Israeli woman whose precious violin (maybe smuggled out of Germany by her late, beloved grandfather) was damaged in a Hamas rocket attack?

Aakanksha Gaur

Agreed. There are stories worthy of 70 mm right there in our morning newspapers. Some extraordinary men and women doing deeds unimaginable, in some unheard part of the world.


To add some more spice, let's also assume that the boy is blind and deaf.....


Why ruin a great story with the twist that the violin was damaged in a rocket attack-- is it so that we properly maintain de-humanization of the greater Palestinian people while we identify with the young Palestinian?

How about we also add that the Palestinian's sister was skilled enough to get into Harvard to study, but is instead denied and forced to go to a local school ravaged by rioting settlers?


I find it interesting that there are all of these wonderful stories floating around out there and yet the vast majority of the films produced in Hollywood are a waste of time and money. Just my opinion...


appreciate the humor :) truly, that would be a perfectly cliche hollywood flick, perhaps with DiCaprio in it...


Drop the love interest - I hate watching perfectly good stories that have had a banal love story segwayed into it to make it "appealing" to the moviegoing public. The Terminal, anyone? I'm sure the Susan Boyle movie will end up with her marrying Piers Morgan as well.


Typical Hollywood movie - full of sex and violins.


Yes, there are often many stories that would make a good movie. I like to wonder how the studio marketing people will change the story so it appeals to a target demographic. In this case they'd probably have the Israeli girl be a part time life guard who plays electric violin wearing skin tight clothing or a bikini.


With the drivel that Hollywood has put out and manufactured why not this get a good production.

For a good laugh at this watch the directors notes from the first Harold and Kumar movie. Those guys basically said- we manufactured it because we knew it would sell...

I was especially tweaked at the movie "The Enemy at the Gates" for injecting the "love interest" aspect as the original telling had nothing of that at all...


Agreed on the "love interest," from a slightly different angle - either have good, interesting female characters, or don't have female characters at all.