How Fit Is Your Brain?

We know Freakonomics readers love brain teasers. We hope you’ll test your brain on these five puzzlers. The results, completely anonymous, will be compiled and analyzed by the Vision Lab and the Social Neuroscience and Psychopathology Lab at Harvard University. Have fun … for science! (HT: VSL) [%comments]


I just did one of the tests, the one with numbers and dots and I think I am going to be dizzy for a month. There should be a disclaimer.


81%...88th percentile...51 years old.

Jirka Lahvicka

My experience with the first test:
* in the first real question, there were no dots at all
* the test completely stopped responding after the second phase out of five (just waiting for server response...) - both my computer and my internet connection are fine

Maybe they should test their own tests first?


I did poorly on the numbers test. Now I'm sad.


83%, 95th percentile on dot test. No issues with the test working.

My wife and I both took the famous faces test. I got 10 and she got 18. We're all smart in our own way I guess.


same experience as above; didn't show me dots on the first test; tried to take the second test and it stopped responding

Science Minded

what do the results mean-- I tried the first test after a night of waking up 6-7 times, not in my own home and a very difficult week of living in two different homes at once and came up below average as one would expect for someone who has not been able to focus on one thing at all-the entire week.

so if you don't take into consideration the person's state at the time, I guess they mean nothing.

Himanshu Chanda

The first test had a biiiig survey to fill. I thought the Numbe test will ask me how many quesions you answered in the survey :) But on the blue yellow screen it stucked. I guess by 200 ms they meant 200 million seconds. Tried to get thru the second one and oh god again the survey.... I guess the result of this experiment is --- ppl will simply quit this test irrespective of the age, gender, height, etc etc etc.....


I just finished the number gut test and I got a score of 76%. It was quite stressful to the eye but it was great to determine if there was more blue or yellow circles.


On the dots test, my slider wouldn't slide. I suspected that was the test--that the number of times I tried to move it was being counted so I closed the test.


Well, I love all kinds of tests! These made me realize that I really know myself: suck at math, great at face recognition (18 out of 19 faces recognized). I took all five of them (test geek).
Also: suck at abstract art, am really good with remembering words/phrases associations.
Am above average on all tests except the dots (below! 73% as opposed to the average of 75%), and for the abstract art, I was exactly within the average!

FYI #7: they DO say that you should consider your results according to your state of mind at the time of the test. I can really tell that you did not get a good night's sleep, you can't read the full enunciate!


Only done the number gut test so far. 84%, 96th percentile, 49 years old. Confirmed for me that I would have been better at math if not for the "New Math" that was popular when I was in grade school. If confused the hell out of me.

Hallie @10--I had the same issue using Chrome but switched to Firefox and it worked fine.

How did the Steves do?

Calum Falconer

I got 97%, 82nd percentile, and I'm 12. Scottish