Sex sells? Is this news to anyone? We knew this in the 1940s (and probably well before).

Still love the blog immensely, but had to comment on this. Keep up the good work.

A. Patel

You don't need a DEEP understanding of human nature to know that guys like pretty girls. Well, may be, if you are an economist., it may not be obvious to you.


The point isn't sex sells, but that the wireless phone business is prepared to concede they have such an abysmal image that nothing less than a Catherine Zeta Jones can induce us to think about it.


Yeah, sorry, this is another case of the practice being WAY ahead of the science.

Garvit Sah

Though it is a commonly observed phenomenon that female attractiveness works in advertising / fund-raising etc., I wonder about the factors that can be attributed to this behaviour. After all, why should men be positively impacted by physical traits of someone whom they are sure they can never even meet let alone be with.


WHOSE human nature?
What happens when "the lady of the house" answers the door?


Yes Nitpicker, just like the catalogs & publications associated with manufacturing. Loads of cute girls with the actual items in the background. Doesn't work as effectively on women engineers...

As we all know, sex does sell and T-Mobile has a marketing agency that made a good choice with Zeta-Jones. But would I buy a cell phone based on the spokesperson? Well, I haven't gotten that Rolex yet because Federer is the spokesperson, but who knows...

Andre D

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