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Questions About Twitter? Ask Co-Founder Biz Stone


Surely by now you have some questions about Twitter, no?
Few other phenomena have entered the public consciousness so quickly and brashly, to be so rabidly embraced and so grievously disparaged at the same time.
So come ask Twitter co-founder Biz Stone what you want to know.
Twitter is a social networking site that simply asks “What are you doing?” and encourages users to respond in 140 characters or less. But as simple as that sounds, its use has produced complexity. Musicians use Twitter to give away their music; politicians worry that it poses a national-security threat; recently, some users protested a possible Twitter reality TV show.
Twitter won’t say how many users it has, but according to TechCrunch, it has about 1 million registered users and 200,000 active users producing about 3 million Tweets a day. There are leaders and there are followers; for the record, this blog has about 17,000 Twitter followers as of this writing, even though our Tweets are nothing more than an abbreviated RSS feed.
Stone has helped create other social media services like Xanga and Google’s Blogger. At the recent Reuters Technology Summit, he said Twitter isn’t pursuing advertising at the time, in part because it’s boring.
Ask Stone your Twitter questions in the comments section below. As with past Q&A’s, we will post his answers soon.
Addendum: Stone answers your questions here.