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The "Bill Golden Gates Bridge"?

In case you missed it, take a look at this plan for the cash-strapped New York M.T.A. to sell off naming rights to subway stations. The first taker: Barclays, which will buy the privilege to change the name of the stop at Atlantic Avenue and Pacific Street in Brooklyn to Barclays Center.
I think this is a fantastic idea, but why stop short? Currently Subway restaurants are getting a free ride on the backs of the taxpayers, reaping scads of publicity from the system without paying a dime for the privilege. Why not sell the naming rights to the whole thing? I think the “Dow Chemical Underground Rail System” has a nice ring to it.
And why stop there? How about naming rights to freeways? One very equitable possibility: why not rename Michigan’s Chrysler Freeway the Chrysler Unsecured Creditors Expressway? Seems like fair compensation given what the lenders have been through.
P.S. — The supercomputers are still crunching the data on your hilarious entries in the Worst Road competition. Results soon.