FREAK Shots: Bird Critics

A new study by a research team from Tokyo’s Keio University found that pigeons can distinguish between paintings the researchers consider good and bad.

According to a Daily Mail article, one of the researchers said the study “does not deal with advanced artistic judgments, but it shows that pigeons are able to acquire the ability to judge beauty similar to that of humans.”

So should the owner of this car be flattered or dismayed?

DESCRIPTIONPhoto: ptpgrad

science minded

Neither, when ya gotta go, ya gotta go. (birds especially)


I've always wondered about this because for some strange reason, our maroon Scion SUB has be the favorite toilet of birds ever since we bought it. We were even sprayed by a group of birds that almost filled our front window. It was freaky. Now I know we're not alone.

Bobby G

"What the heck? I was only in the bank for 5 minutes!"

Oh wait, is this not one of those make-a-caption contests?


Being 'anointed' by a bird has always been auspicious.

They, like any other discerning individual, obviously recognize Subaru's distinctive blend of performance, reliability, style, and thrift!

Apologetic Cyclist

This must be true. My Mini-Cooper stays clean.


>So should the owner of this car be flattered or dismayed?

No, this owner should drive through a car wash after leaving his/her vehicle under the tree behind the country home for the weekend.


Heard one story where a guy found a prime parking space in NYC somewhere and wondered why the space was free. Turns out some guy comes out every day to feed the pigeons close to the parking space, making the car a mess like the picture here.

science minded

in hindsight, the key point "the ability to acquire the ability" as in they don't have it themselves so to speak. I wonder about my cats and dogs etc. etc. eureka!

science minded

PS- why do I keep learning the same thing over and over again-- just sounds different-- I guess the mind does forget such things that it is unwilling to face up to.

science minded

last point- to be honest, this discovery is not mine- it belongs to Alfred Jones, the psychologist-- as previously acknowledged- the concept of the mind as an "organizing principle." (I believe--in Goldstein, 2001-- dissertation written at the Graduate School & University Center, CUNY)