Ham Certificates; Taxidermy & Cheese

You responded with vigor when we asked for your favorite weird promotional pairings. Our favorites are the edible/inedible pairings. Who knows, maybe you really are more likely to get your cat stuffed if you’ve been buying cheese at your local taxidermist for years. And what better incentive to buy a new printer than as a new way to run off a copy of this “ham certificate” Office Depot was giving away with each $150 purchase. More weird pairings here. [%comments]

Matthew R.

I still don't understand why cameras are a part of mobile telephones.

Steve H.

Here in South Carolina I saw a business that was a combination fireworks store/tax filing service. You know, just in case you want to buy a bunch of bottle rockets and file your 1040, but you don't want to make two stops.


For decades, the Les Schwab Tires company in the NW has periodically offered Free Beef with a set of tires. I figured it had to do with Les also owning a cattle ranch.


Matthew R: Telephone companies charge an extreme premium for data transfer over wireless connections vs. data transfer available through landline connections. They want to make it easy to take a candid snapshot and message it to all your friends on impulse. Think about the margin on that revenue...


The acne wash - ear bud pairing is not that odd. I am always telling my acne patients not to hold their cell phones against their faces.


I once saw a marlboro promotion that I was curious about. A free bottle of hot sauce when you buy 2 packs.


Hi, Les Schwab Tires has given away free beef for a really long time....with the tires you buy....Why? Well, back when he was working with the ranchers in Oregon they came to a conclusion that Feb. was the slowest time of the year for Ranchers and Tire folks. So, to help the ranchers- he bought their beef...and gave it away at his stores when a tire purchase was still made...He helped the ranchers survive a slow month and got customers in the door. Both were appreciative of the other...and still are. People still wait until Feb. to buy their tires-just so they can get beef! Kinda unique!


In Friday Harbour, WA there is (or at least was in 2002) a RC Airplane and Shoe Repair shop.