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Oh Yeah? Well, My Classmate Ended Up …

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Memes are made to be heisted. So here’s one I heisted from the (U.K.) Times‘s Comment Central blog by Daniel Finkelstein, who of course heisted it from someone else.
It’s as simple as this:
One of my classmates wound up _____________________.
Maybe the reason I like this so much is that I know so pitifully little about most of the people I went to school with. But I do know that …
1. One of my classmates from grade school ended up working as a NASA rocket scientist. He was always really smart, although he and I once tried to make a raft out of a door and we sank it in his pond.
2. One of my classmates from college wound up dead in a river in Dublin, his hometown, cause unknown. He was a great friend although I wasn’t shocked to hear this outcome.
3. One of my classmates from grad school wound up getting married the morning John F. Kennedy Jr.‘s body was found. At the church and later at the reception, we were all careful not to say anything to let him and his new wife know. But it turns out they knew all along. He is a great guy, and he and his wife now have three kids, but whenever I think of him I immediately think of Kennedy’s death.
How about yours?