Here Is What SuperFreakonomics Will Look Like

Today is the day the last substantial changes are being made to the manuscript of SuperFreakonomics, which will be published on October 20. We feel it is considerably better than the first book but of course you will be the judge of that. Today is also the day, happily, that the book’s cover has been completed. It was executed by our friends at Number 17, with explosive and photographic assistance from the extraordinary Andrew Zuckerman. I love it very much, but I am pretty biased. I’m sure you will share your views, especially if they run counter to mine. (The black border around the title is fuzzy here only because this is an electronic version; it looks sharp in print.)



I think it looks way too silly and quirky, although you probably like that.

I'm sure the content will be great though.


I like this a lot!


I think it is perfect! Definitely an eye-catcher-I cannot wait for the book!

W C Zimmerman

I'm excited. I think the life insurance with suicide bombers'll interesting. Kind of self-explanatory, but still interesting.


Number17? Boo. Now it just looks like Newsweek - which looks foolish. All their designs look the same. No borders and too much white space. Things that look good on the web but are confusing to the eye on print.




Totally rad.


You have cultivated enough loyal fans and readers of the original book to successfully market the sequel by virtue of its own literary and anecdotal merits. I think the additional 'teaser' subtitles may capture the imagination and interest of other consumers who will notice and potentially consider this book for an impulse purchase.


Looks really nice! Please have an audiobook version soon.


I can't wait to read the book as I LOVED the frist installment.

But this book cover looks like something Kevin Trudeau would try to sell.


Your failure to use an image of Rick James, given the title, comes as a bitter disappointment. ;)


Well, if you had to pick a topic to riff off of with the cover art, I would have preferred the prostitutes to the bombers, but that's just me . . . LOL


Too gaudy and flashy, though I'm sure that's forced by the marketing people. Looking forward to reading it regardless of the ugly cover though.


Does life insurance pay for suicides? I thought it didn't

Michael Ellis

According to the Amazon page: "Customers buy this book with The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown"

I would not have predicted that combination!


Wow, that's a lot of really big text. Your explosive orapple looks kind of puny in comparison.


Gah, too much text. A book cover should not be all text (unless it's some "artsy" thing)!


cut or shrink the "Global cooling...." part and make the exploding apple/orange image bigger.


Michael Ellis-

That's probably the result of people buying new books that are likely to be best sellers. This book and Brown's new book are likely to be major pre-orders by people who want to stay on top of what is new in the industry. Or who just read what is popular since they have no other way to define their own interests.


congrats on the new book! cover is too flashy for my taste, but hey, anything that sells...
I just have a question - the book is not out yet, not a single copy has been sold, and amazon is already selling the book at a discount over the list price. why don't they just make the list price $19.79, since that's the price everybody will end up paying? many other retailers do this, and I would like to know why they make it so confusing for everybody.