Bank Robbers' Hours

According to the FBI’s recently released second quarter Bank Crime statistics, bank robbers are most likely to rob a bank between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. on Friday; more robbers stated their demands verbally than by passing a note, and only 4 percent of incidents involved violence. The FBI also noted that, despite the recession, there were fewer bank robberies than last year. As Clusterstock notes, “Maybe the crooks know just how much financial trouble banks are in?” [%comments]

David Ecale

Perhaps this scene will play out some friday morning this year:

A slightly dishevled man walks into a bank, ballcap pulled down to mask his face from the cameras. ...

He walks up to the teller station & politely says, "I have a gun, hand over all of your money. ..."

The man (in a black suit) at the teller station looks up distractedly, and responds, "Sorry, this bank is insolvent & has just been taken over by the FDIC. Come back monday when the bank will be open again for withdrawls."

The man leaves empty handed, only then noticing the pretty female teller standing outside in tears. ...


"As Willie Sutton the bank robber said when asked why he robbed banks, 'because that's where the money is'."

Maybe the money ain't there anymore.

Neil (SM)

Even bank robbers are getting laid off, I suppose.


Weren't bank robberies very high during the Deprssion?


Why fewer bank robberies? Professional courtesy.


Anybody know where you can get time of day and day of the week statistics for other crimes? I always get the feeling that my instincts telling me I can only get mugged at night are lousy.

Johnny E

That's because the Wall St, banksters looted all the assets by using computers before the robbers got there.

It's about time white-collar criminals got prosecuted.


It seems a lot more profitable to rob an armored vehicle. A bank robbers average take is around $7500 while it is around $250000 for those in the armored vehicle robbing business.