Yet Another Reason to Get Breast Implants

Of all the reasons anyone has ever had for getting breast implants, I’m guessing that no one ever thought of this one.

A body was recently found — a brutal murder in which the killer cut off the fingers of the victim and removed all her teeth in order to make identifying the body more difficult. One thing he hadn’t taken into account was that her breast implants would have serial numbers that would allow her to be positively identified.


I'm amazed at all the work he did to make sure she couldn't be identified only to be foiled by her implants. Not to sound heartless, but I wonder if she'd be embarrassed or proud about her form of "identification".


I'm guessing gruesome killers such as that guy will take a mental note to destroy the implants as well as the teeth and fingerprints if they are concerned about having the body ID'ed.

Alan Schulman

Cataract replacement lenses have serial numbers too.

Larry Levine

This was included in part of a plot of Law & Order: SVU (I think) several years ago.


As soon as I saw the title I had a sinking feeling that this post was in reference to the recent murder all of over the news.

To be honest I find this post uninsightful and really quite tasteless.


IE it was easier and cheaper for police to track her ID via the implant serial numbers than to go through cross checking missing persons and then DNA testing.

Maxie Moore

Stents have serial numbers as well.


So now the risk of getting murdered by a psychopath and having all your fingers and teeth removed is going to be priced into implants? That should about double the price, no?


#4 Larry: yep! I think I watched that episode!


Well I'm guessing the body would have eventually been identified with DNA tests and whatnot? So the question is the following, did he succeed in delaying the identification process?

I'm assuming it was delayed, but not for long.

Regardless, the story is sickening.


Nope, that kind of identification happened on an episode of FOX's "Bones" a few seasons back.


Uhhhhh..... did we need another reason?
Isn't the primary motivation reason enough?


I bet breast implants give you a small but significant increase in the likelihood of getting murdered.


The whole situation is sickening.

Any implanted medical device (pacemakers, joint replacements, etc) will have a serial number. I'm sure it's faster than DNA testing, and DNA testing is only effective if you have a known sample to compare it to. With an unknown body, you might not know where to look to get that known DNA sample -- you'd have to compare the victim's sample to a database of missing persons' DNA, and I don't know if that database exists. Even if it does, then I bet it's still far from complete, so you still might not be able to identify the person that way.


This was also part of THE WIRE Season II, so when you say "I'm guessing that no one ever thought of this one," in fact, many people have thought of that one.


Hehe. Judging by photos of the victim, she would have been identified soon enough. There are not that many women out there who look like they are made of plastic. Even after all these cosmetic interventions (or because of them?), her face shape remained quite bizarre.

Jeff Thompson

Call me a killjoy, but gleeful joking about a woman who was brutally murdered and mutilated seems inappropriate and sad.


If I'm not mistaken, this is not the first case of such an identification, it's just getting a lot of press because the parties involved are well known.


I bet they're utterly impossible to destroy.

Joel Benard

Steven, what were you thinking?
I'm with Joe and Jeff. " Yet Another Reason to Get Breast Implants" - next to your grinning portrait - is a cheap disconnected piece that you should be ashamed of.