Good Morning America, How Are Ya?

Just in case you weren’t sitting inside on this beautiful late-summer morning watching television over your breakfast bagel, you can see today’s Good Morning America segment on the Freakonomics paperback, here. Once again, Dubner lobbied for the elimination of the penny. And he wore his Appalachian State tie. [%comments]

M. Gordon

I thought this was going to be about trains based on the title :(


Say don't you know me? I'm your native son.


When I was at university in the US (c1990) I often used to have penny bets with a friend - the loser of the bet had to keep the penny.

The USA's physical currency is a mess - coin size is unrelated to value, coins and notes of too small denomination, notes too hard to tell apart because they're all the same colour, irregular spacing of denominations (1c, 10c, $1, $10 etc. all exist, but what about the sequence: no 2c, 25c (instead of 20c), $2 very rare, $20, ? no idea if there is a $200. And 50c is very rare but you use 5c, $5, $50.)

But nobody seems to be able to change it, for fear of upsetting a few people. My theory is that it is a 'slippery slope' objection - if you allowed a logical reform of your currency, people are scared that changing to metric and reforming your electoral system would be next.

If your ancestors had been so change-averse, you wouldn't have got your independence until the UK forced it on you in 1931.


J. Atke

Can you make the show any sillier?
Send George back to the news desk, since he's so out of place on this format.
Are you trying to mimic a reality show and dumb it down so far I have to stop watching after many, many years?
Bring Charlie out of retirement or get Dianne back?
Nothing worse than a group of people forcing laughter and empathy.