FREAK Shots: In the Navy

The library on board the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz is well-stocked with Freakonomics as part of its Navy Reading Program. According to Flickr user Roxanne Darling, it’s the most-read book on the ship.

DESCRIPTIONPhoto: Roxanne Darling

Bill Doughty reviews Freakonomics on the Navy Reads blog. “I would not recommend Freakonomics to anyone who knows exactly how the world works,” he writes. “Don’t read it if you already have the answers to all of life’s questions. It’s not for people who are easily offended, either. However, for the rest of us, read on.”

Justin Harper

Now that is government spending I can get behind!


Not exactly something i would brag about.

Roxanne Darling

This is part of the Navy's Leadership program - recommended reading. When I mentioned Freakonomics (I am a huge fan!) the librarian said that one is definitely the most popular.

The Navy is quite a different beast than I had realized, being on the outside. After an overnight embark on the USS Nimitz, their good data has changed my mind on a lot of things.

We have a seven video episodes on (starting at #744.)


The navy needs to get its Ayn Rand on imo.

Mr. Bill

My father, who served as an officer on an aircraft carrier between 1957 and 1960 says that there wasn't any time for reading outside his duties in the Cold War Navy.