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Our Daily Bleg: Name That Team!

A reader named Jeremy writes in with a pressing question that is almost ideally suited for the readership of this blog. Please help him.

I have been participating in a fantasy football league for the last few years with many former college econ majors as well as two econ Ph.D. students. We are all still very plugged in to economic policy debate too. Anyway, we all pride ourselves on having amusing or clever team names. This year, with the current economic crisis, I thought a team name related to economics (in the academic or popular sense) would be appropriate. I was hoping to survey the blog readers to hear their best and most creative suggestions. The best one I’ve been able to think of is Creative Destruction but that lacks the creativity I would like. Maybe Atlas Scored?

If Jeremy and his friends are pessimists about the economy, I’m thinking Fourth and Very, Very, Very Long; if they’re optimists, maybe the Return of the Great Moderation Gang.