This Is Your Market on Drugs

Sales of antidepressants remain brisk in spite (or perhaps because) of the recession. Slate reminds us of a decade-old study suggesting that widespread use of mood-lightening drugs could fuel irrational exuberance on Wall Street. If Robert Shiller is right, and market fluctuations are signs of social epidemics, then a Prozac-assisted recovery doesn’t seem impossible, either. It would be an expensive stimulus — Americans already spend $9 billion every year on antidepressants. Maybe someone should start sending Wall Street placebos instead? [%comments]

Rolland Norman

Please replace with this the previous one.

A lethal mixture: big pharma - Wall Street, this is a
dangerous, only American phenomena.
Basically, it is anti social. It must be rejected by

This society, being on average quite uneducated,
was conditioned to believe that a golden bullet,
a miraculous pill to cure depression, really
exists. The society was brainwashed by the same
tactics and misinformation Wall Street mastered
within decades.

Big pharma, food processing, financial system's
debacle are derivatives of political-economical system
which destroys mind and body, and well being of the
people without impunity.
It is legal..., mostly, to abuse fellow citizen - that's
how this country deviated from Puritan reality to
brutal reality of "market forces".

That's how we became the (advanced) land of
prostituted outcomes...

Rolland Norman

Mike M


You have figured it out. We are all out to get you, and there is no escape.


Eric M. Jones

Occasionally, I see some article that expresses a profound ignorance of what depression is. Slate should know better. If you really want to know what depression (better called melancholia) is, grab a used copy of William Styron's "Darkness Visible"....a horrifying and accurate memoir of his experience with the disease.

Common SSRI and MOA drugs used for depressive illness are not "happy pills". For shame! In fact they don't make one happy at all, just elevated to functional normalcy. Styron makes the point, and I concur, that one of the great problems of the disease is that it is so incomprehensibly bad that mere words can only faintly illuminate it.

So anyway, this issue is off-target. You should have used smoking crack....that's closer to the market...or whatever.

Mark S.

There is a disconnect in the article. It states that women are the primary target for antidepressant marketing and sales but we also know that men are the primary drivers of risky investment decisions. Could it be that women are taking antidepressants to cushion the blow because their husbands, boyfriends, brokers and investment advisers gambled all their money away ?


Everyone should at least try to stop taking antidepressants and give online therapy a try. It's working in the UK: