Still "Arrested Development" fans, I see.

Mark B

Can I recommend a good florist?

Joe Smith

And how do your wives feel about that conclusion?


Nice AD reference.


100,000,000 points for the AD reference.


I'm sure it was just the biggest little mistake.


Many readers seem to operating under the assumption that the authors' wives READ this blog. I'd be curious to see some data on the subject, but I'm not sure that's such a safe bet to make...

Lou Stacy

You may yet have a chance to test his theory. If your wife reads the blog.


I think the real mistake was even thinking that thought, nevermind posting it. I can only hope for your sakes that your wives are too busy doing whatever they do to pay attention to your postings.


You've assumed you would have written the book without your good women by your side/behind you. Big assumption!

Joe Smith

All men are motivated by one or more of the three "G"s


science minded

Dear Joe Smith,

I would speak for yourself. That is not true. And there are a few extraordinary men whose motives I have come to understand and they clearly would have sharply disagreed with you.


Unfortunately, you might get another chance to be single if you keep implying that, had you but waited until publication of Freakonomics, you could have done better than the wives you currently have.

Sadly, if this happens, you will need to write YET ANOTHER bestseller in order to pay the rent, since I'm sure your wives will relieve you of the burden of all that bestseller wealth.

But, hey, then you can play the "poverty-stricken, tormented writer"--that gets chicks, too.

Sadly, you have to wonder how valid Gladwell's love life is. I'm betting that if writing books didn't have a big payday, he'd not be dating the "beautirati."

If George Clooney drove a rusted-out 1973 Ford Pinto...he'd still get women. But the Gladwells and Dubners of this world (and alas, myself also), have to pay cash...except in the instances of true love, which I trust all of us have already acquired.


You both did the right thing. You have wive that love you for who you are, not for your success and money! These girls are attracted by the glamour, not by his intelllect, even though the latter caused the former.


I hope you have a very comfortable sofa.


I am still in grad school and I already have a smoking hot girlfriend.

You got to find them early boys, more available hot girls when you are younger because us mediocre guys snag them before they get older.


First, you both have to try and see if you pass the Afro hair test. It appears that some women equate prolific hair growth with other male traits like virility, non-conformity and being independent. It could be another sociological experiment you can write about in the third sequel to Freakonomics.


What, to each other?


I agree that the mistake was even thinking the thought. I wonder how you would feel if your wives were lamenting marrying you? Not a very nice sentiment coming from the one who is supposed to love you the most.


Aren't gold and glory just a means to the girls?