What Do Synagogues and Airplanes Have in Common?

They’re two of the only places a modern business columnist can escape the round-the-clock news cycle. But there’s no true refuge from the business cycle, as Daniel Gross reminds us. This Yom Kippur, Gross reflects on the cyclical nature of all things, and the dangers awaiting those — within the marketplace and beyond — who believe they can live outside history. (And, FWIW, more and more airplanes are getting WiFi, though cell service is still off-limits.) [%comments]


I was able to pick up wifi on my iPod touch from the offices in the synagogue while I was in shul for Rosh Hashana...


Cell service will not be off-limits in U.S. airplanes for long.

Currently Air France, TAP Portugal, British Midland Airways, Ryanair, Shenzhen Airlines, Wataniya Airways, Air Blue, Kingfisher Airlines, Royal Jordanian, Jazeera, Airways, Oman Air, TAM Airlines, British Airways, Air Asia , Qatar Airways, Qantas, V Australia, Emirates and Malaysia Airlines, have them on some flights or are piloting them on single aircraft.

Cell phones are still banned by law on flights within the U.S. but I would say that's bound to change before too long.

Trevor L

JFK Airport has a synagogue inside. I've prayed there and did not experience any strange business cycle time warp.


It took a while for me to figure this one out, but then it popped into my head this yom kippur. "Fear" as in "Fear of Flying." I was born on this day-- so it has a special meaning to me. But I am curious?

Anyone else out there ever dream about flying. Recurrently, I have flown down a winding staircase.


that only holds true if you work is related to being in touch with people all the time... what about architects, writers, lawyers etc.... they can work there with any issues.... though one would definitely not want to work in synagogues....