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A Scholar to Keep Your Eye On

Amadu Jacky Kaba is a Liberian-born striver who first came to Seton Hall University as a basketball player and, several degrees later, has returned as an assistant professor of sociology and anthropology. Like our friend Roland Fryer, Kaba is a black scholar who studies a lot of racial issues with a perspective and a latitude that is unavailable to white scholars.
Among Kaba’s recent writings: “Overrepresentation of Kenyan Students in Colleges and Universities in the United States” ; “The Black World and the Dual Brain Drain” ; and a new paper called “Demographics and Profile: The Most Cited Black Scholars in the Social Sciences, Arts, and Humanities.” In it, Kaba finds that roughly 64 percent of the most-cited black scholars are men and nearly 40 percent are employed at Harvard, Princeton, or Stanford; the most common home departments are English/Literature and History.