Things They Say at the U.N.

Muammar el-Qaddafi, the leader of Libya, recently attracted attention for his colorful speech to the United Nations General Assembly. He was hardly the first world leader to go off the reservation while addressing the U.N. Foreign Policy has compiled a list of the Top 10 Craziest Things Ever Said During a U.N. Speech. Highlights include an iconic quote from Nikita Krushchev, an eight-hour speech/filibuster, a Rambo reference, and Fidel Castro‘s debut speech. [%comments]

Eric M. Jones

Is it just me or does this list seem a little thin? The UN has been in business for 64 years. There MUST have been a hundred crazier things said in the general assembly.


Eric -

What you say really does seem plausible. I'm waiting for the top 100 list to come out.



if you look at the speech without any references to the media potrayal of gadaffi, a lot of things made sense. if these were said by someone not potrayed as a bedouin loony or eccentric, a lot of people would have sat up and taken notice of them.
one of the things that struck in my mind was about the veto powers of the five members that compounded the impotence of the un.
i know i'm probably going to be cursed at for this but just had to say what was on my mind.


Gotta love the whacked comments.

just curious?

Dear VRN; Have been looking for the speech- Where is it printed? After I read it, I will let you know why. Heard a bit of it and it sounds like an effort to rally support, but I need to read to it to find out for what? It is rather curious to me though that this man would want to set up his tent in my home town of NJ. USA (broadly speaking) And that, based upon his actions, he clearly would not mind having a rabbi as his neightbor. Just curious, when staying at a hotel (when he needs to) would be so much more simple and easy. Would he bring camels. That would reduce oil pollution and they are quite beautiful to observe.

Seriously though,I have reason to think that some people do and that people can change with time and with experience, growth and maturity. Perhaps he has. In america, we seem to have a great deal of difficulty giving anyone the benefit of the doubt. Once labeled an x, always an x. Who said that? Consistent with our world view, we expect moral perfection from ourselves and then publicly admonish ourselves for the lack of it. Where's the line between public and private?


Anand Bala

When a mad Terrorist Dictator states the facts - it is easy to brush it under the carpet. It is as funny as Dick Cheeney talking about peace.

I hope one of the democratic leaders have the courage to stand up and speak the truth @ UN someday. When the Gadaffis or the Americans say it --- it is always funny cause it is so hypocritical.

In the "weird things said at the UN" they missed out the Collin Powell speech and gave him only a special mention. Plus, they left out all the times the Americans legalized genocide by the Israelis. Those two are not only weird but downright violently destructive.



Yeah, Gaddafi's speech was definitely sub-awesome. Someone also needs to decide how his name is properly Romanized. It makes him harder to talk about.