How Do You Feed a City?

Architect Carolyn Steel‘s TED talk, posted this week, discusses how ancient food routes shaped the cities we live in today and the future of food in our world. Steel believes we can “use food as a really powerful tool, a conceptual tool, a design tool to shape the world differently.” Her ultimate goal is a “sitopia,” or food place, with food at the center of family and city life. [%comments]

Mike B

I thought that one of the problems was that food was at the center of too many people's lives. Perhaps we should focus on productive/fulfilling activities instead of cramming our faces to fill the hollowness of our lives.


That should do wonders for obesity

I think more men in the ktichen would shape the world differently!

Anand Bala

In most parts of rural India, Food is the center of life.
Finding food is a daily struggle and it occupies every waking minute.
I guess, for a consumer driven society, it would be a good way to slow things down a bit and make things more sustainable.
In most Indian villages it is a mandatory reality.