SuperFreakonomics Is Out Today


SuperFreakonomics officially debuts today, already near the top of the Amazon bestseller lists here in the U.S., in Canada, and in the U. K. Among the first reviews are these from Financial Times and the New York Post .

An excerpt of the chapter on altruism is available in the Times today.

You may have caught Levitt and Dubner on Good Morning America this morning talking about the book. If not, keep an ear open for Dubner on the Dr. Oz show this afternoon at 1 p.m. EST, and both of them on WNYC’s Leonard Lopate show tomorrow at noon EST. Tickets are still available for their talk at Symphony Space in New York tomorrow, October 21. For more appearances, click here.

J. Daniel Wright

Best of luck with the book. Don't let those blogosphere haters get you down, because you're on top! Top of the NYT Bestseller's List.
J. Daniel Wright


Best wishes for the book's success. Hope it nudges you to plan the next project "Mega-Super-Freakonomics"!


Nothing like a controversy to lift sales. Look forward to reading the book.


Ordered. I agree with Anant. Don't you guys want to be know as Mega-Super-Freaks amidst the blogosphere? Although after taking on abortion and climate change you might want to retire.


Got mine last night at midnight!

Haters hate because they don't have anything productive to do.



Best wishes. I only have one question. Freakonomics, SuperFreakonomics, ... What will be next? MegaFreakonomics? Too complicated ...


After hearing all the brouhaha about the global warming business, I went right out and ordered a copy, shipping today! Very proud of you for standing behind your book! Thanks, y'all!

Silas Barta

"Don't go to the water cooler without it."

Or to global cooling *with* it.

Lisa Earle McLeod

GMA- segment
NOW after sixteen years of struggling to get the &*#$@ car seat strapped into the back seat, I find out I may have been wasting my time,

Great job guys, can't wait to read the new book.

Challenge assumptions, it might piss people off, but it makes us all smarter, and wiser

(plus its fun to watch the status quo squirm)

Lisa Earle McLeod


Book and autographed book plate ordered.


I will keep an eye out for the new book- sure to gain new insights there.

However, after reading the excerpt from the new book, my reaction is that the inferred causes of the observed altruistic behaviors in the experiments are still much too simplified. While I see grains of truth or partial truths, the real-world decision systems are still much more complex than the models allow for.


Thanks for putting out a second "Freakonomics" book. The first one is a masterpiece. It changed the way I think about the science of economics. I'm looking forward to reading "Superfreakonomics."


Saw your book in my university bookstore - early last week- in Amsterdam (the Netherlands). Wasn't suppose to happen so soon is guess...
Will get a though copy once the paperback is available here. Freakonomics rocked ;)


Okay so you've now dealt with both abortion and climate change with bold frankness. All that's left to do is come out in opposition to the American flags for orphaned children of veterans charity.

Therisa Rogers

I got my copy during lunch break today. Hope the next book will be called "Freaky-deaky Economics"!

Blair Hartman

Just got my copy from the UPS man. I'm hoping I can get it read in the next 24 hours. It's a good thing it's only about 250. If it had been much longer, my grades would start to slip.

Richard DeLiberty

Thank you for a great and interesting book. Just finished it and will read it again soon.

I would have thought you would address health economics somewhere. The arena is rife with examples of unintended consequences and of strange incentives.


Reading the book now. So far pretty good, really amusing intro- had me laughing on the plane. My only comment is, you economists thing you come up with everything. Altruism has been studied by biologists and psychologists for decades before economists like List whom you mention in the book. You should look at Robert Trivers (70's), and George Williams (60's) as for real reasons behind altruism.


And you stating that, the economist was first to witness animal prostitution... I think you should do some more research in animal behavior, you guys are WAY behind if you think he is the first to see that? Try looking at Bonobo's, birds, and other mammals.

I did love the last chapter just not the epilogue.