Pray for Me: I'm Going on The Daily Show Tonight

The first time I went on The Daily Show, nearly five years ago, I dreaded it for weeks in advance. I had a terrible fear of going on TV and had avoided it scrupulously, even in publicizing our first book. When Jon Stewart came knocking, however, it was impossible to come up with a credible reason to give the publisher as to why I couldn’t do it. I had no choice.

I survived.

Then we made the mistake of writing a second book.

Now I have to go do The Daily Show again, and tonight is the night.

I don’t fear going on TV the way I used to, although I’m still pretty bad at it.

I had even convinced myself that it couldn’t go that badly, could it? Then I made the mistake of watching this Jon Stewart interview with Jim Cramer.


He's coming after you for the geo-engineering thing, bet on it.

Good Luck!

Rich Wilson

Keep in mind, Jim Cramer picked that fight. That's like picking a sword fight with Inigo Montoya or the Dread Pirate Roberts.


The Daily Show is one of the finest combinations of entertainment and information we have, I haven't missed an episode in years (I love you Tivo). I'll be looking forward to seeing your interview.


$10 John respects Levitt for the book in the first place. This will be mainstream video to clearly express what your last does and does not address. To be honest, I would have figured you both to be friends.


Steve. You are NOT Jim Cramer. And thank God for that, too.

Google Leonard the Stock-Picking Monkey.

Will C

I bet he'll love hearing what you have to say. It seems he appreciates outside-the-box thinking, especially when you can back it up. Unlike Jim Cramer.

Dave Ryan

So I got interested enough to go to do the Daily Show and look at the Cramer interviews. Check out the Extended Interview Pt. 2. Absolutely damning, and Jon Stewart is so on point and articulate about the situation that it's scary. Too many people who want to invest are blindly trusting too many people in the market who aren't deserving of our trust or our money. I'm glad I've been steadily moving what dollars I have to the mattresses of CDs and bonds.

Tristan Cordier

Its probably in progress right now but I'm sure that he's not going to go after you as you bring about very interesting points and promote a saner and more logical perspective on everything you write, which is pretty much what Jon does as well.

Loved the book, monkey prostitution, who knew?


Just stick to your convictions and you will do well. That said, compared to being on Leno, Letterman or, even on, CNN or CNBC, the format of the Daily Show and Jon Stewart himself make for a formidable environment.


Don't act so sheepish and nerdy this time! A little more extroverted please!


Good Luck.

He probably won't be too hard on you.

Thomas K

I'd say Jon is much fairer when it comes to listening to other's arguments that many of your other critics. You'll be fine.

Laffe R. Curve

Awesome! I love the Daily Show! Greenspan did pretty horrible, too.


Stewart ended up looking rather dumb in that one. Own him Steven...listen to that locker room recorded Bobby Knight motivational speech first...8-10 man!

Joe Smith

If you say stupid stuff, he will make fun of you. If you play straight with him, he will still go for the laugh but not at your expense.


Cramer deserved it, and obviously didn't expect Stewart to do the work ahead of time. Foolish boy.

You'll do fine. But maybe watch out for the geo-engineering thing. :] Enjoy yourself.

Kenny Pice

It should help immensely that you're not a complete dbag.


Your appearance on The Daily Show prompted me (and certainly many others) to read Freakonomics. What do you have to fear?

Kevin Machiz

Jon Stewart does his homework. This should be good.


Good luck! Don't worry, he treats people fairly even if he doesn't necessarily agree with their opinions - look at his recent interview with Ron Paul.

I look forward to a listening to a very interesting debate tonight.