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SuperFreakonomics in the News

There’s a price war going on among booksellers — WalMart is offering a handful of big new books for just $10, which forced Amazon to counter — but unfortunately, SuperFreakonomics is not one of them. On Amazon, it costs $16.19. Is it worth it?
To help you decide, here’s a roundup of some early notices for the book:

And in The Week, Dubner and Levitt offer a list of six books they loved. Several have already been mentioned on this blog, and then there’s Sustainable Energy — Without the Hot Air, by David J.C. MacKay. Here’s what they write:

Anyone who wants to understand global warming — and not everyone does, since they’ve got their platitudes to defend — needs to find a ­physicist to cut through the fog. MacKay might be your man. His clarifying mantra: “Numbers, not adjectives.” Go ahead and unplug your phone charger every night if you must, he writes, but that’s the equivalent to “bailing the Titanic with a teaspoon.”