Sounds like taoism - the uncarved block.

Vincent Clement

I just took a van load of "extraneous stuff" to a local transfer station and it felt good to toss all that stuff into the garbage bin. For once, cleaning up my garage wasn't a chore since most of the stuff in there is used on a regular basis.


There are FOUR external links in this post. I folowed the one to the myths only to find ... another EIGHT different links. I am now scared to try the other three in the original post. How many links am I supposed to follow in order to get the gist ot what you want to say?

Generosity starts with one small item given away

Every week, give something away, like clothes you don't wear to the homeless shelter, and pretty soon you have less stuff, and you feel good for giving to others what you do not want yourself. Kind of a variation of the Golden Rule.

May all beings be free of too much attachment and too much aversion.


Doesn't generosity begins at home and the healthiest kind with kindness to one's self. I have learned this lesson the hard way.

So in terms of your question-- you really want me to do unto others as has been done unto me. In the case of a certain few, I will. In terms of the rest-- I doubt you or anyone else would want that.

I had a prof. way back who, as I recently learned, took my idea (underlying the index that I completed of his book), used it as the basis of an addition he made to the book and never acknowledged me at all. And his' specialization was organizations. I guess he really understood how they work. And he wanted me to become his au pair and serve him coffee- Chutzpa. Never again.


Holy CRAP her blog is addictive! She's like a ray of sunshine. I'm completely hooked.


My Dad just told me when I get my first house, I should make sure it has a room for storage or at least a large garage for storage.
I just told my Dad I'll get a small house and not fill it with junk.


Well, this is what Buddha taught.

comrade 29

I love throwing things out! What liberation! Whenever I start to think "We really should have a tag sale," I have to stop myself and say, quietly but firmly, no, you will never in this life have time for a tag sale. Throw the damn things out!

science minded

Dear Dilip;

Perhaps this is what Budha taught, but it is not what social science really teaches us.

Jim Purdy

"I might lose a ton of weight and then I'd fit into these clothes again."

Not me, I always get rid of clothes that are too large. Yes, sometimes I gain the weight back, but at least I'll have new clothes.

Jim Purdy