Just in Time for Christmas: Free Autographed Bookplates

March 5, 2021: These bookplates are no longer available. We’re sorry for the inconvenience. 

If you’d like to turn your garden-variety copy of SuperFreakonomics (or Freakonomics) into a nifty autographed copy that suddenly seems much more gift-appropriate, you can sign up here for a free bookplate that is hand-signed by Levitt and Dubner. If all goes well, the Freakonomics elves will dispatch your bookplate via mail in plenty of time for the holidays. It’ll look something like this:



Hmm... I don't know how many of these I'll be able to fit on my kindle. But I suppose I could get that screensaver hack and set this jpeg as my screensaver?


So if this represents a significant increase in supply of autographed copies what effect does it have on a) monetary value of the books on the second hand market and b) perceived value of the gift?
b) is the interesting question - if the recipient knows about this offer, does it come over as a cheap way of making the book seem more attractive, as compared to having to queue for the book itself getting signed, and therefore devalue the gift?

Jack Heismann

So, er, just why would I want a little stickie to put in my book? Seems to have as much value as copying the image from the web page, printing it, and doing the same thing (although glue would be required using my solution).

I know we all can't line up at book signings. But isn't this, well, just a wee bit tacky (no pun intended).

Jim Birch

Looks like I signed it. Are you sure it's real?


Thanks! Will do.


Got one!


A little tacky perhaps, but perfect for a brother in law!


Can you get more than one? Planning on giving out a couple copies.

Dave Brooks

There is an angry email in your Inbox from your third-grade penmanship teacher. She's taking back that passing grade.


Thanks Gentlemen


thanks so much for doing this guys. i'm getting my dad both books for christmas and this just makes it a little bit cooler.


I signed it and got one.


Mine arrived today. But I live in Poland so I had to wait more. Thanks gentelmen.



I clicked the Sign up here link but can't find anything that pertains to the signed bookplates.
I wanted one for my friend and me.

Awesome book!
Thanks! ;)

Ed Service

I have a first edition of " Freakonomics" and a digital edition of " Superfreakonomics" . Any chance I can get a signed bookplate?
I have no intention of selling.

Don Kaufman

I'm really bummed you're not visiting Amazon on your trip thru Seattle. I heard your (SL) feelings about these tours, but you're w/ a very friendly crowd here at the 'zon. I sure enjoyed your last visit- and we have a shiny new campus this time!