Can Faithfulness Be Lucrative?

The companies Tiger Woods endorsed — and their shareholders — are feeling the negative effects of his extramarital affairs. A new company called Off the Market, reports CNBC’s Darren Rovell, hopes to take advantage of this development by helping athletes keep their existing relationships “positive and sexy.” OTM, for one, seems to believe that faithfulness can be lucrative. [%comments]


The lucrative nature of faithfulness among celebrity clients must very precious indeed. Stars are given carte blanche to act as they please, so to restrict them in this manner and become pedestrian marriage partners just like everyone else chafes at their identity. When it comes to sports celebs who endure punishing training regimens, they are likely to view that ritual as their sacrifice. All non-training activities to them are unrestricted, where they can unwind. If one part of their life is highly regulated, they must seek some type of liberty elsewhere. It doesn't excuse their behavior, but it makes it understandable. Plus, there are celebs who are vain and emotionally immature. That's a lethal combo for any marriage.


that's ok- nike has been two-timing us for some time (i realized this when i saw the 'swoosh' on the chinese divers' swimsuits)


I wonder if the lowering of stock prices for these companies is permanent, or is it just due to stockholders who think there might be a negative effect getting out of the stock 'just in case'?

Put another way, someone who now buys into those lowered stocks may make a good profit as the stock goes back to 'normal' or a really good profit the next time Tiger wins a tournament.

If Tiger starts winning again, those who sold out might look a bit silly, and less wealthy.



"We'd like to offer a private lesson for strip pole dancing one day or even offer to have a strip pole built in a home," Robbins said.


TW has another 40 years of earnings power ahead of him and incredible potential - divorced or reconciled.

Plus, his past earnings were compensation during a period he was unfaithful - so do you mean to say the public PERCEPTION is what really counts ? Okay, then he earned the maximum from a goody two shoes image so now he gets to, in addition, mine the bad boy image

The money in golf is, and has been for a while now, beyond ridiculous and TW is the biggest draw by far among the tour competitors - so i would say his ability to benefit financial remain unlimited