"Better Biz" at the Whistle Stop Bakery

WSHU, a public radio station in Connecticut, is running a six-part “Better Biz” series, where Barry Nalebuff and I react to the challenges of specific businesses. In this segment, we learn about the Whistle Stop Bakery in Ridgefield, CT.


Thanks... I would LOVE this series and will try to manage to listen. But it doesn't appear to be downloadable as MP3 file for ipod... is that possible? I have trouble finding time to listen to streaming info, and have the most luck when I'm able to download, transfer and listen during commute.

Any chance? thanks, looking forward to the whole series.

Eric M. Jones

Yale Professors Barry Nalebuff and Ian Ayres don't have a clue. To suggest that a small business owner take a vacation in January when the business is slow, or do taxes, is to misunderstand the whole concept.

Isolated in acedemia too long! --Perhaps the professors should go out and work in small busness for a while. Maybe in the summer when the students are gone, they could open a sandwich shop.


I want my six minutes back!

Erin M. McKibben

Professor Nalebuff and Professor Ayres I respect your ability to use your minds but in this particular case you're both delivering a bunch of hooey. After you start your own small businesses in a small town and they succeed for a few years come back to the show. Have you been able to franchise your current positions into real careers yet?

Mojo Bone

Interesting question for the professors, how does one go about this franchising without diluting the brand she worked so hard to establish? Surely, the devil's in those details. The suggestion that a small business owner 'take a vacation' when business is slow betrays a fundamental lack of understanding as to how a small business like Whistle Stop Bakery competes against the Dunkin' Donuts' of the world-it's only through constant owner presence and quality control that an independent can compete with the substantially larger advertising budgets available to national chains. Discovering or inventing a baked good that can be perceived as slimming, is, on the other hand, a fine idea.