Ira Glass: "Why in the World Would You Want to Make a Podcast?"

The second episode of Freakonomics Radio is nearly complete; it’s about fat, and will be posted here soon. (For earlier installments, visit iTunes, where Freakonomics Radio has been the No. 1 podcast for the better part of two weeks; or subscribe to the RSS feed here.) In the meantime, here’s a preview — in which we visit Ira Glass, the ringleader of This American Life and the undisputed heavyweight champion of Radio. I asked if he had any advice for a podcast novice like me.

“Why in the world,” he replied, “would you want to make a podcast?”

Ira Glass and Stephen Dubner Ira Glass, in his New York office, tries to warn Dubner that radio makes you chubby.

Oh well. Ira was nevertheless cordial and, in the end, quite helpful. We talked about the obesity “epidemic,” and the state of weight in his profession: “Generally, the world of radio tends to attract a glasses-wearing, chubby crowd, as you might expect.” You can listen to the preview below, or subscribe here to get all podcasts delivered in your sleep.

“Why in the World Would You Want to Start a Podcast?”


Dubner sounds remarkably like Glass -- tonally, not necessarily qualitatively. What's up with that?

Geoff in DFW


Was totally about to say the same thing. I can barely tell the two apart at times. Had to listen to it twice to catch the back and forth.

Though I must say, that was my first time hearing Dubner out loud. Jarring at first, but the fact that he sounds like Ira helps :)


Took me a little bit to be able to differentiate Dubner from Ira.


Fools! You've all been taken in by the oldest trick in the book. It was actually *all* *Ira*!! Dubner doesn't actually exist. It's all a big conspiracy covering up the inciden#&d74(!lsk


JR Flanders

Good idea, speaking with Glass. You clearly need the advice. Why for example, would you want to distract your audience by including an interview with Glen Beck? Your likely audience, myself (obviously) included, find him to little more than a snake oil salesman to the religious right, and partially responsible for the decline in polite discourse in our society.


Half the time I think Dunbar is Ira... I'm somewhat useto Ira's voice and the tone of each voice just seem to match up

Zee Lurker

Is there any way we can download without iTunes? It's not worth installing worthless software like itunes just so I can listen to a podcast a few times a month.


This is about the latest episode but I don't know where to leave this comment...
So, in your last podcast, there's this one expert saying that obesity has become a national cause in the USA because a lot of academics, dietitians, etc. have an interest in it.
I wondered if by any chance there aren't many large companies that have interest in selling fattening food?


Dubner should speak in a falsetto voice with an outrageous French accent in the future when he interviews Ira, just so we don't get confused.


To #7, and I quote from the brief text above:
"(For earlier installments, visit iTunes, where Freakonomics Radio has been the No. 1 podcast for the better part of two weeks; or subscribe to the RSS feed here.)"

If you don't want to install iTunes (or Zune, presumably, since your opposition seems to be about installing software to access the podcast -- though the podcast is also available there), you can subscribe to the RSS feed using the link in the blog post above, or by using a similar link in the sidebar area. You'll still need some sort of RSS feed application to download and catch the files; I think it would be easier to simply install Zune or iTunes, but it's up to you.