Images From the Field

Foreign Policy publishes “an exclusive collection of work by the world’s most acclaimed conflict photographers.” The photoessay includes photographs from Iraq, Sudan, Congo, Lebanon, Palestine, and Chechnya. Paul Lowe‘s photograph of blood and footprints in the Chechnyan snow is particularly striking. “To me, this is not in itself a picture of violence, but speaks of what violence means,” Lowe says. “You can see traces of each action: first the fresh snow, then a body lain down, and the blood seeps into the snow. Then people running around in chaos.”[%comments]


Why is it that photographs of violence and toture are so much more sought after than those of wild life, natural beauty or just daily life. Before photography came about artists like Picasso were popular for their painting of average day life. Though these days people are more enamored by looking at other people suffer!


What about guernica?