Inside The Hurt Locker Suits

As predicted, The Hurt Locker won big at the Academy Awards, taking home the Best Picture and Best Director awards. Foreign Policy‘s recent photoessay offers readers a look at life on real Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) teams. An ongoing mission in Afghanistan, Taskforce Paladin, “has EOD teams scouring Afghan dirt roads for hidden bombs and tripwires, in what are dubbed Route Clearance Patrols. The job of these teams is so dangerous that it’s volunteer only.” [%comments]


Sad, but my first thought was this was going to be about the pending 'suit' against the Hurtlocker folks by the soldier who claims he was the basis for the main character/move.

Thankfully this was much better.

Bob Jackson

As a former EOD tech in the U.S. Army, I was appalled when I saw 'The Hurt Locker'. I thought I was taking my wife to see a film about what we really did. It turned out to be an unrealistic and pathetic portrayal of what EOD duty really is.

What a shame it won so many Oscars and received so much acclaim because it certainly didn't correctly reflect the procedures we follow or the focus that it takes to survive in this job.

It's too bad that someone couldn't have exerted a little more self control and kept the film more truthful in its content. Well, that's Hollywood - all for artistic creativity. Oh well, at least now people know what E.O.D. stands for.


How did I know The Hurt Locker was irresponsible BS? Think maybe Ms. Bigelow learned a thing or two about exploitation from James Cameron?