Today in Aptonyms

A plant scientist recently weighed in on the European Commission’s decision “to allow genetically modified potato varieties to be grown in some European Union countries.” Unlike conventional potatoes, the genetically modified (GM) potato will be grown to produce only an economically useful starch, amylopectin, which is used in paper, textiles and adhesives. While starch from the GM potatoes won’t be used in human food, anti-GM activists are still concerned about antibiotic-resistant genes in the vegetable. The scientist’s name? Eoin Lettice.[%comments]

That sticks in my craw.

Great, growing food for adhesives.


*groan* :)


What is the opposite of antonym? I can't seem to find it. Examples would include: Dr. Payne (doctor) or Mr. Swindle (a politician). Or if Mr. Lettice became a cattle rancher.


You're thinking about synonym.

Aptonyms is a word that's not in conventional use. I had to look it up.


Is there an antonym of aptonym?