More ClimateGate Complications

The ClimateGate plot thickens. Lord Oxburgh, a member of the House of Lords who was appointed “to chair a scientific assessment panel that will examine the published science of the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia,” has links to businesses that would benefit financially from low-carbon technology: he is chairman of the Carbon Capture and Storage Association and the wind energy company Falck Renewables. Trevor Davies, the University of East Anglia’s pro-vice-chancellor for research, said the university was aware of Lord Oxburgh’s connections but believed he would act “in an utterly objective way.”[%comments]


Biases that happen to support positions you like, aren't regarded as a big deal. It's biases that support The Other Side that are a problem.


this isn't a scandal, nor is it a new revelation. he's well known for being involved in promoting low carbon solutions


Yeah, right. And Francis Bacon said that he took bribes but never let them influence his judgment.


He'll probably take a page from Gore's book and claim "well of course I have personal investment in things I believe in."

Thankfully the polls are showing signs that Americans, and people world-wide, are coming to a realization that all of these 'do-gooders' and just looking for a good return on investment.


Third rail, you've been touched. There is a lot of money riding on climate change but to question that any researcher's motive is other than to save the planet it to invite a good flame war.

This'll be fun.


Not only would those business benefit, so would people who live on Earth. What a crook.


"the university was aware of Lord Oxburgh's connections but believed he would act "in an utterly objective way."

He won't. Nobody acts in an utterly objective way. Still, a guy with a financial interest is preferable to someone with an ideological committment to AGW, like the academics on this Potemkin panel. The university doesn't really expect anybody to take this seriously do they?

Russ Walsh

Why not pick on zinc? It is every bit as logical as vilifying carbon as the cause of mythical global warming woes. Humans are really strange. In the 1930's and 40's Germany Jews were singled out as the problem to be eradicated, and then, like now, government enacted legislation to 'cure' the 'problem'. Germany came up with the Nuremberg laws. We came up with carbon tax laws. Both equally insane. At its creation the earth came with a fixed amount of carbon. Carbon is on the periodic table of the elements. Carbon is present in every living organism. Carbon Is. Lefties, go pick some other mechanism for beating up on society, preferrably before you wind up starting another war.

Eric Valpey

Godwin 8.


I was surprised to see this on the #1 alarmist news outlet in the US, and only second to the worlds #1 BBC, albeit as opinion and super short.
Any way here in the links is the story from the outlet that broke the story. I particularly like the analogy with "getting Dracula to oversee the blood bank".


Nice job, Russ. 8 posts to Godwin's law. Might be a record.

Paul Clapham

Well, unfortunately Russ Walsh's post contains no useful information and a large amount of disinformation. And unfortunately that's what we're generally getting from people who don't like the news about climate change.



The truth value of any series of statement(s) is independent of who says them; e.g. Hitler believed that clothes could serve a decorative purpose.

I don't see how this has any relevance to the truth value of current climate research. That said, I don't care how many 'dodgy emails' get hacked, or financial incentives are unearthed: my reading of the data pushes me towards accepting the reality of man-made climate change, and only new data will change my view.




Hey, that is actually quite therapeutic. Ten internet points for Russ.

Except, which industries will be hurt as a result of our new-found hate for zinc?


And How rich has Al Gore gotten off of Carbon Credits? Why they would put someone in charge of this that is even close to having a potential BIAS was stupid, any conclusions he comes across will immediately be under scrutinity. Dumb move guys!


Goodwin's Law only 8 posts in! Well done Russ!


Yikes, I wonder if you guys ever read these comments and take note of the kind of people your global warming antics appeal to.


AGW is the phrenology of the late 20th century.


Comparisons the the Nazis always work well. Good one.

There is in fact a fixed amount of carbon; there is not, however, a fixed amount of carbon dioxide. It has slightly different effects on the planet when it's stuck in lumps of coal in the ground as opposed to floating around in the atmosphere. But hey, never let science get in the way of a good Hitler analogy, right?


"Hitler" away if you want, folks. Actually, CO2 in the atmosphere is a good thing--no, warming the planet slightly (although as we delve into the "homogenization factos" applied to the temperature database there may not be any increase at all) isn't going to kill nearly as many people as the drastic cooling this and other geologists see coming as the next ice age. Look it up; the earth is due. And it can change the climate from interglacial to glacial in just a couple of years and there's nothing man can do about it except move and adapt. That it will seriously impact the food-producing areas of the planet in a negative way is a given. In the meantime, the earth is actually "greening" from the additional CO2 we're adding to the atmosphere (plants use less water when carbon dioxide increases), and all the hysteria about the "tipping point" and other negative impacts that were supposed to happen just haven't panned out. In the past 30 years, there's been no upward trend in droughts, wet weather, large tornadoes or cyclones. The growing season was predicted to be worse but corn production has increased across the US for the past 30 years.