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Gender and Fender Benders

We’re coming to the end of a series on whether the man or the woman is more likely to take the wheel when a couple is in the car. All the evidence indicates the man is, for lots of different reasons.
Based on the number of comments this topic has generated, it seems like you are quite interested in this question. Most of you, anyway:

Who cares. What other trivia can we waste money doing a “research” on?

Sorry, Ed, but I’d maintain that this question is far from trivial. Even besides the cultural, social, psychological and political issues involved, I’d argue that whether the man or woman is more likely to drive is literally a question of life and death.
The reason: if women are better drivers than men, we may be sacrificing human lives because men are control freaks and women like playing computer Scrabble in the passenger’s seat.
So, at the risk of filling the comments section of this post with venom and vitriol, let’s wade into the age-old question: are men or women better drivers?

A quick glance at the names on these comments indicates an unsurprising fact: women tend to think they are better (22 of 32 who commented), and men think the opposite (14 of 18). However, there were a few traitors to their sex: