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Time for the Kids? A Teaser and a Bleg

Today’s parents are spending?dramatically more time on childcare than their parents did.? What’s more, this rise has disproportionately occurred among those with the most education.? At least, that’s the conclusion of a provocative and important study that?Valerie and?Garey Ramey will present at next week’s?Brookings Panel on Economic Activity.
As new parents ourselves, juggling life with a?6 month old daughter (belated happy half-birthday, Matilda!), we’re particularly interested in how parents balance market work and time with their youngsters.?? How are parents today doing this differently than parents a decade ago?? Two decades ago?? To find out, we’re asking you.
If you’ve ever had a child, we want to know about your experience.? We’ve designed a little survey that should take less than five minutes to fill out (and is completely anonymous).? Your response will definitely be helpful in informing discussion of the Ramey and Ramey paper-after all, your data is likely more informative than our theorizing.? So, whether your kid is 6 months, 6 years, 16, or 60, please: Click through HERE, to take this brief survey.
Thanks!? And if you stay tuned, we’ll be back after the conference to discuss Ramey and Ramey’s intriguing findings, the comments of the discussants (Betsey, along with Wharton Ph.D. student?Dan Sacks, and the University of Chicago’s Erik Hurst), and just how your survey answers fit in with all of this.