An Important Human Right

The European Union has declared that tourism is a human right and all Europeans are entitled to subsidized travel. The subsidized tours will be open to pensioners, citizens over 65 or between the ages of 18 and 25, and families facing “difficult social, financial or personal” circumstances. “Travelling for tourism today is a right. The way we spend our holidays is a formidable indicator of our quality of life,” said Antonio Tajani, the European Union commissioner for enterprise and industry. The tours are also intended to promote European pride, bridge the “north-south divide,” and support the tourism industry in the off-season. (HT: Greg Mankiw)[%comments]


I used to expect better reporting from the New York Times.


I am a student from china
our coutry is in dark
our goverment is a fucking goverment
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is there anyone want to help me ....

Anuj Gupta

Cool! Hastens the countdown to replication of the Greek tragedy all over Europe.


This article is interesting because it stands to question: what does measure the quality of life? Nationally, the GDP is a good indicator of a nation's well-being, however, this article reasons that tourism and traveling rate a nation's quality of life and also states that it is a human right. If traveling is a human right, than what isn't? I think basic needs, such as food, water, shelter, and security, as explained in Maslow's hierarchy of needs, should be met first, before the government has to fund traveling expenses as well.

Human Rights March

it is good to hear that tourism in Europe is declared a human right. But that declaration comes with the travel package free and a pocket money? How about stressed employees that needs a vacation and decides to be a tourist who wants to practice their human rights is it the same thing?