Cognitive Bias Song

Here’s a little ditty that catalogs and musically explains a useful list of cognitive biases uncovered by behavioral psychologists.

It was created by Bradley Wray, a high school teacher in Maryland, as a study aid for students preparing for their AP Psychology exam.

How are you biased? Let Bradley Wray count the ways.

Hat tip: Authentic Organizations blog.


So charming - thank god for teachers like this!


Using "your" when you mean "you're" isn't exactly the best way to inspire confidence in your teaching abilities.

Nice guitar playing, though.

Dan H.

Great job! Ignore that grammer police guy. Everybody makes mistakes like that. In fact I think that his comment may be an example of anchoring bias; focusing in on one detail when the whole thing is awesome! Great work.


The lyrics are terrible. This guy jams more extra syllables into the lines than Paul Simon.



I noticed that too, but how petty can you be? Obnoxious.

Howard Tayler

The extra syllables are part of the charm. As a former songwriter and record producer I found the whole piece wonderful -- and as a guy who likes hacking his own brain, I found it quite useful.

Eric M. Jones

"...It'll inlfuence..." and that "your" thing, and "Self Consistency... (s/b Self-Consistency)....and more. This guy is a teacher; he should do better. Maybe he could trade some axe lessons for spelling guidance.

Brandon is right.

AP Psych and others. Check the wonderful article in Wikipedia:


I agree with Brandon and Eric. It wasn't just one simple grammar mistake - this thing is FULL of typos and simple mistakes. It indicates almost no proof-reading whatsoever. The song is kind of cute, but the video is a major fail for an AP-level teacher. Proof-reading!!

Robyn Goldstein

Making mistakes, assumptions that are not true, false claims for the purpose of acquiring knowledge of the truth to the facts. IS this not what real science is about? I guess some readers are not scientists or do not quite understand what is involved in the pursuit of truth. This is a lesson that we all need to learn.


did anyone actually listen to the song, though? i certainly understood his intent. it sure sounds like he knew what he was talking about.

great video. great topic. most likely a good teacher, too.


Loved it and am sure the students did, too. That is the point, not the grammar police (even though I am a card-carrying member of same).
Thanks for sharing this cute video!

Robyn Goldstein

Dear Matt;

I spent today's class lesson on it's lesson= real cognition is biased towards the facts and only the facts.


Not to be a nag, but "behavioral psychologists" (from the behaviorism school) work mostly on rats and do research on classical or instrumental conditioning. Cognitive psychologists and behavioral economists are more likely to talk about human biases.

M. Fitzgerald

I think some of the commenters on the subtitles might want to start the song at 0:31 and replay the first couple seconds a few times.


I'm finding it hard to believe that people are criticizing this teacher over grammar... how many high school teachers have you ever met that went out of there way like this to teach their students? It's an excellent song, with an excellent message, that everyone in our country really needs to memorize.

Most of the country cannot accurately define bias, let alone understand the terminology. If more people were aware of this message, our country would be a lot safer. I would say a fair guess would be; around 70% of the population is politically biased 100% of the time.


This song and this guy is terrific. I plan to show it in all the psych classes I teach, both graduate and undergraduate. In a 3 minute nutshell, he (accurately) captures what would usually take me hours to describe and explain.

-- Lee


Don't forget optimism bias, and how biases keep us from being machines, for better of for worse

Thomas Jovinelli

I actually have Mr. Wray as a teacher. I'm in his class now as I'm typing this. He's easily one of my favorite teachers, and is definitely the best Social Studies teacher I've ever had. HISTORWRAY!!!!!


This is a song!
Not a paper for school or other.
geez. It's for concepts over details.


Our biases are meant to serve our individual needs. The critics of Mr. Wray's grammar simply need to satisfy their bias that poor grammar implies lazy thinking. I have taught in graduate shcool for nearly 40 years and have shared this quote from Benjamin Disraeli to nearly all of my students. "How much easier it is to be critical than to be correct."