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Love in Reverse

Have an ex that won’t go away? If you live in Japan, you can call on a wakaresase-ya or?”splitter-upper“: “The function of the?wakaresase-ya is the direct opposite of a dating agency: with great ingenuity, and the right fee, they will prise apart human relationships.” For example, these professionals will trick a spouse or undesirable future daughter-in-law into committing an affair, and provide photographic evidence of the indiscretion. “We produce a drama at the request of our clients,” says Osamu Tomiya, a splitter-upper. “We write the script and put on the play. For a member of my staff, it could take a year to make someone fall in love. If it’s me, I can do it in a day. In this industry, I’m a god.” (HT: Marginal Revolution)[%comments]