Dutch Gold Diggers, With Government Approval

The Netherlands is now officially sanctioning gold-digging. The Leeuwarder Courant (English summary here) reports that two villages are hoping to reduce their welfare rolls through strategic marriages: “The local social service departments are paying for the women to have a make-over in the hope they can hook up with a rich husband to support them.” Participants in the scheme will receive tips on hair, wardrobe and social and presentation skills. Perhaps the infamous Craigslist gold-digger should consider relocating. (HT: Chris Blattman)[%comments]


It's only 1 municipality, Dongeradeel with a population of ~25000, and the program is not aimed specifically at women. The news was later corrected [1] by the municipality by stating that the person will be matched with someone who holds a job, not someone who is rich.

[1] http://www.trouw.nl/nieuws/nederland/article3091796.ece/Dongeradeel__Koppel_bijstandsmoeder_aan_rijke_man.html

E. Nowak

Yes, all women need is a man.


It falls into that gray, nudge area where society has an interest but not a compelling, overriding interest. We would like people to go to college so we give their parents a tuition tax break. We think home ownership is good so we allow deductions on mortgage interest.

Chuck Norris


Your mom is a comelling, overriding interest


If I may propose another way of "gold-digging" that is considered a bit distasteful, if not illegal:

Have someone pay your life insurance premiums in return for, say, 60% of the payout...with you beneficiaries receiving the rest. That seems fair.

This way, these villages could pay the premiums and the collect enough money to serve for health plans, etc....all while taking care of the bereaved family.

That OUGHT to be legal...but whether it is or not is another question.


Government pimping, brought to you by taxpayers.

Eric M. Jones

"Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?"


From what I've heard of the Dutch welfare system, the primary problem seems to be the extremely generous benefits afforded to single mothers. Women there are finding it less and less necessary to find a guy to marry before getting pregnant and having a baby since they will still be able to afford a relatively comfortable lifestyle with government assistance.
The consequence unfortunately has been a mushrooming of children born and raised in single parent homes and the resulting strain on the welfare the system.

There is something to be said about giving children an opportunity to grow and thrive regardless of their economic circumstances though it may be going overboard when so many women are actively looking for a man to impregnate them with no intention of getting married.