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How to Choose a Sports League

The University of Texas at Austin is staying in the Big 12 (which, with the departure of Colorado and Nebraska, will have only 10 schools).? The league will thus survive because the?dominant firm (UT-Austin) is staying in the industry.? I wonder what my school got out of its agreement to remain?? Presumably, the?threat of departure caused the smaller firms (Baylor, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, Kansas State) to offer additional TV revenues to keep UT from departing.
The athletic folks-director and coaches-are applauding the new situation, saying it’s good for the university.? But is it-or is it just good for the athletic program?? I wonder if we couldn’t have done better-in terms of revenue for the entire university, as opposed to the athletic program-joining a league (Pac 10, Big 10) that has schools from bigger markets, and more prestigious schools, too.? My guess is that, sadly, that question-whose well-being is supposed to be maximized-never entered the discussion.