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I Hear England Is Lovely This Time of Year

And so I am heading over. The occasion? A promo tour for the paperback publication of SuperFreakonomics. Here’s what the cover looks like, via a tube poster:

I will be clogging up your airwaves with radio and TV interviews as best as I can. (Here’s one print preview, from the Observer.)
I’ll also be giving a set of lectures around the U.K. Here’s the schedule:
June 20: Birmingham Town Hall, 7:30 pm (tickets).
June 21: Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, 7:30 pm (tickets).

June 22: Brighton Corn Exchange
, 8:00 pm (tickets).
June 24: The Cambridge Junction, 8:00 pm (tickets).
June 25: Dublin: Royal College of Surgeons, 7:30 pm (tickets).
Please do come say hello if you are in one of these neighborhoods. I am bringing over a slide show that I hope audiences will enjoy. It includes a five-minute clip from the Freakonomics documentary that will hit theaters in October as well as a preview of the illustrated edition of SuperFreakonomics, also slated for an October release.
You will note that I have the day off on June 23 — the date of England’s final first-round World Cup match, against Slovenia. Wise decision: I likely would have drawn a crowd of fewer than 10.