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Ode to Lifecycle Investing

I’ve been posting substantively about my new book,?Lifecycle Investing (for example,?here and?here and?here).? But in a lighter vein, Barry and I have coauthored our very first poem about the advantages of borrowing money to invest for retirement when you are young. With some trepidation, I share the poem with you now:
There once was a young man from Rome
who went out and purchased?our tome.
He learned to invest,
and now can attest
that loans are not just for the home.
This explains why there are not more coauthored poems.
You can learn more about our leveraged lifecycle strategy in these?video FAQs:
Where did the idea come from?
What’s in it for me?
Why do we need this book today?
How much does it cost to buy on margin?
Why stop at a 2-1 ratio?
What’s wrong with dollar cost averaging?
Why is your future savings like a bond?
What’s wrong with target-date funds?
How does Social Security fit into the picture?
I’m over forty years old. What can I do now?