Why Car Thieves Are Male

Car theft is a man’s world, according to a new paper by Christopher W. Mullins and Michael G. Cherbonneau. Car thieves face two big tasks: stealing the car and selling it. Both male and female thieves are “mentored” by more experienced thieves?in much the same way; however, men have an advantage when it’s time to sell the stolen goods. “They are more connected to a social network of criminals that provides access to chop shops, where the cars can be dismantled and sold for parts,” reports Tom Bartlett. Mullins and Cherbonneau conclude that “[w]ithout these contacts the ability to profit from auto theft was significantly curtailed. The next profitable source for those who lack access to these higher outlets was to sell vehicle parts and accessories on the streets. … Yet, even those who sold parts on the street relied upon social networks to either move parts or become aware of customers.” [%comments]


Be the first female car thief


Elsie comment (12:05 am) says it all.
But seriously, why is all of the bad behavior in the world related to being male?
Is it genetic or social conditioning?


As a criminal defence solicitor, I find this explanation totally at odds with my own experience. I've come across hundreds of car thefts, mostly but not exclusively committed by males. Only once have the cars been stolen for sale. Far more common is that the cars are stolen so that the thief can drive it about like a lunatic for a few hours with his mates.

A more likely explanation for most car thieves being males is that males are more likely to engage in risk taking behaviour. In the vast majority of cases, economics has bugger all to do with car theft.


Women don't need to steal cars to make money because they have uteruses.

Uteruses allow women direct access to money via alimony, child support, and/or welfare. Unlike men, women steal LEGALLY.


Did someone - either male or female - steal the rest of the article? You get a big lead in for that????


I think they need to have a special episode of Bait Car on TrueTv where the car is pink and has a gift certificate for an all day spa treatment left conspicuously on the dashboard. Or maybe that wouldn't lure enough females because they lack the grand theft auto social network to sell the cars. Hmmm, maybe Facebook should create an app that enables female car thieves to use their *online* social network to move the cars that they have stolen.


So, will feminists get upset if I refer to a car thief as "He"?


Sounds suboptimal. Would make sense to team up: she steals, he sells.


So...what kind of citation is this? There's an AWFUL lot of accusations and claims flying around with zero citations to back them up.