Better Golfing Through Data

The game of golf has in many ways retained its down-to-earth origins. So what happens when a gaggle of statisticians and mathematical theorists bearing GPS and laser surveyors descend on the links? Slate‘s Michael Agger finds out this week in a series called “Moneygolf.”[%comments]

Drill-Baby-Drill Drill Team

Golf is just geometry and physics on turf. Everything can be tracked on Cartesian coordinates automatically with GPS satellites and real time ball cam. A ' Hole in One' is possible with powerful magnets and electrical fields. Yes anything is possible with enough money and technology. And green astroturfed conveyor belts and moving sidewalks should shuttle golf bags and golfers around the links.

Plaid golf puffy pants and two tone Black/White golf shoes CANNOT be improved by technology; they are the apex of civilization.

Yep the Future is So Bright, I 'm Gonna Wear Shades.


Great, just what I need: Statisticians telling me I am bad a golf.