Freakonomics Movie Trailer Released

We are a bit late in passing on the news, but the trailer for the forthcoming Freakonomics film has been released:

Interestingly, the film will be available via iTunes before the theatrical release. (There’s another neat wrinkle to the release schedule, but I can’t spoil the surprise.) In slightly related news — slightly related in that one of the film’s directors, Seth Gordon, also directed the magnificent documentary The King of Kong, which chronicles the fascinating world of classic-video-game champions — the one and only Billy Mitchell has reclaimed the Donkey Kong crown. (HT: Linda Jines.)

Conscience of a Liberal - the Movie.

When is Krugman's movie getting done?


"There's another neat wrinkle to the release schedule, but I can't spoil the surprise."

I hope it's to announce which theatres will get the 3D release.


Consider 1 copy sold. :)


Will it be available via iTunes worldwide on September 3rd? Or only in US iTunes?


Haven't looked forward to a movie this much in quite some time!


On itunes, will it be available just to rent and watch once, or to download and buy?


Sorry guys. It doesn't light my fire and I'm an economist. But I'm not into Lady Ga Ga either, so building a trailer around my tastes and preferences would be a losing proposition.

Given the principle of honor among theives, good luck and I hope you make a boatload on the project.


From the trailer, it appears the topics are pulled directly from the book. Is the movie aimed only at those who have not read the book? Will those of us who have read it see anything new?

Jackson Jones III

I've seen the movie already. It was available on the street in Bejing last week ( a dvd of a dvd of a dvd recorded from an i-phone). It was fun to watch although a little blurry and I only cried once.


I have read the Book, and it shows me that always there is another way to look things.

Of course I will see it!

Chad Troutwine

Hi Saj:


Most of the material in Freakonomics: the Movie is inspired from the book. However, one entire section of the film is exclusively devoted to the bribery experiment that Levitt, John List, and Sally Sadoff conducted in a Chicago Heights Junior High School well after the book was published.

Moreover, each directors gave his unique take on the material. For example, Morgan Spurlock included significant air time for Sendhil Mullainathan whose work on ethnic names was, at least in part, contradicted by Levitt and Roland Fryer. You'll also note that Alex Gibney connects cheating sumo wrestlers to an unlikely group and other surprises.

... and let's face it: we all loved the book, so it is really cool to see the material presented cinematically. Plus, you get to see the guys talking about what inspired them to write it. That alone is worth more than the price of admission.

With utter bias,
Producer Chad Troutwine


Steve Sailer

When is "Blink" with Leonardo DiCaprio as Malcolm Gladwell going to come out?


I love it ,i cry one time when i seeing it

Princess Leia

I love that the Steves are now movie stars!!! :)


Thanks for that, Chad


I read the books this summer, both completely blew my mind...can't wait to see the movie!
- Diana


Is there any chance that a spanish version or with subtitles? I know there is a book and I already read it but I rather to watch it w/subtitles.


It's available on Amazon Video on command, not just iTunes.


I love that someone has had the guts to make the book into a movie. I wish they'd do the same for other thought-provoking business books.


Funny --- Another website is using the "AppleOrange" logo:

They must be working together!