A Traffic Jam Like No Other

If you think your commute is bad, take heart: a nine-day, 100-kilometer traffic jam recently befouled the Beijing-Tibet Expressway. It was reportedly caused by “maintenance construction,” although the road is often troubled by traffic. Local residents took advantage of the traffic jam by hiking up food prices charged to truck drivers. “Instant noodles are sold at four times the original price while I wait in the congestion,” says one truck driver. “Not only the congestion annoys me, but also those vendors.” Although the jam was predicted to last through September, recent reports indicate it’s already cleared up. [%comments]

John Barry VanZwieten III

That stinks, but your "take heart" statement is non-applicable; it may be bad in China, but the absolute value cost of a traffic jam for me doesn't change...


Drill-Baby-Drill Drill Team

"After 10 days of bumper-to-bumper stop-and-start congestion, a 60-mile-long, 10,000-vehicle traffic jam on a major freeway west of Beijing "

Short of Hurricane Katrina and spill of Plutonium, what would cause a 10 day traffic jam????????

In a Post Apocalyptic World, better to have a bicycle than a 4x4 Hummer.

You would have to be a patient commuter with a large bladder to endure it.

When your kid asks you " Are we there yet?"
Say, "Nine point nine more days, Honey."
A Pop Up 7-11 Store just opened up 1 mile back.

I am tired of Chinese food. We had Pizza on Tuesday...Is there a Mexican Stand nearby?

Was KABC News' Arnie in the Sky broadcasting from the front?
Sorry he ran out of fuel 8 days ago and had to go home.

Kids, Christmas Toys and Decorations will be delayed for 10 days this year for unspecified reasons. We will celebrate a Belated Christmas-Kwanza Super Holiday!

My iPhone 4 was on that convoy!

Our neighbor, the silver Buick five cars back, his wife gave birth on Friday.

The Highway Patrol officer is a through stickler for details. The investigation won't end until he is satisfied....Nine days later.

Day 3. Hey there is an opening on the next lane. Better cut in. We will be at least 10 ft closer to our destination.

Good News, after 9 days the traffic jam opened up. Bad news, there were some fights at night, a lot of drinking and carousing and we now have 45 vehicles with missing owners and 200 cars with empty fuel tanks causing twenty smaller traffic jams in a 40 mile area.

It is remarkable, that a nation can absorb the loss of production of a 10 day, 10,000 car traffic jam and still grow a phenomenal 10% GDP Growth. Or that America can absorb Two Concurrent Wars, invented Bumper-toBumper Traffic Jams Rush Hour and be involved in a Major Recession and still run a compete internationally.


Julien Couvreur

I wonder if we really know the root cause of the traffic jam.

Anyways, regarding price gouging, consumers will of course complain at the higher price (since everyone wants more for less).

It is forget that those higher prices are necessary to ration the good which is in high demand, and ensure that the supply rises to the occasion rather than get depleted, by means of incentives
Of course, the incentive of monetary profit is not the only one, and some people may benefit a lot from giving away their noodles for free.



Doesn't everyone know that this story is a hoax? Or is it a hoax that the story is a hoax. You've got me confused, again.


Information in the UK 'Guardian' newspaper says jam mostly caused by huge numbers of coal trucks, re-routed due to a decision to raise tolls on them on prev route.


As the musician Ellen Allien says in her song, "Wish":

Need a planet without cars and wars
No wars, no cars, no wars, no cars
I wish it could be true...


I wonder if the drivers get paid by the hour or if it is per mile...