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Urban Planning, Animal Style

Southern Sudan recently unveiled plans to remake its ten state capitals, with an interesting twist: “The $10.1 billion plan proposes remaking cities in Sudan’s south into shapes found on regional flags.? Blueprints and maps illustrate Juba in the shape of a rhinoceros, Yambio fashioned after a pineapple and Wau as a giraffe.” The government believes the redesign will help reinvigorate the region’s cities. “Juba, as an example, is a slum city. So our plan is to create a nuclear city outside Juba,” says Daniel Wani, the Undersecretary for Housing and Physical Planning. “We have been given land 15 kilometers west of Juba by the state, and we met the community, they are excited to give us this land. We call it Rhino City.” (HT: FP Passport) [%comments]