Will Freakonomics Help You Find True Love?

Probably not, but Malcolm Gladwell might.

My source for this conclusion: the always-interesting OKTrends blog, which provides data analysis for the OKCupid online dating site. Its latest analysis looks at how profile essays differ by race.

White men tend to write in their profiles about The Big Lebowski, hunting and fishing. Black men like Kanye West and Xbox 360. Latino men like baseball and Xbox 360.

Asian men, it turns out, mention Freakonomics and Malcolm Gladwell a lot.

Here’s the problem: Asian women also write about Malcolm Gladwell, but don’t mention Freakonomics much. So the message seems clear: If you are a man looking for love, Malcolm is a much better bet.

Dan Fonseca

I knew it all along!! As a hispanic, I can tell you these things are spot on!

Looks like a future blog post to me!


Drill-Baby-Drill Drill Team

It seems to tie together romantic lose ends, Freakonomics should develop an Xbox 360 3D 1st Person Shooter Game involving stalking and hunting of a guy named Malcolm Gladwell set in famous Major League Ball Parks like Wrigley Field and Yankee Stadium. Call it Good Will Hunting Gladwell or Stalking Malcom.

This would be a blockbuster game at Christmastime.


Just in case you are feeling left out, do notice that Indians like freakonomics but not so much Gladwell.

On a related note, why is it that Asians mention books so often in their profile?

Cyril Morong

What if Freakonomics is your true love?

Steve S.

Didn't you read Outliers?


Carlender - as an Asian-American we mention books because we read them...


I'm a Hispanic women.....define "true love"


Oh crap. I'm an Asian man. I had an OK Cupid profile. I mentioned Freakonomics and Malcolm Gladwell. This is spooky.

Oh wait, I mentioned Superfreakonomics. Whew, totally different.

P.S. It's really true.


I'm betting if a guy wrote, "I put the FREAK in Freakonomics," he'd get more attention. And that way, it would be YOUR book that made the difference.


There's a big problem with these results. Just because something is in a profile essay doesn't mean there's a positive association with it. For instance, the first hit for white males is "Tom Clancy". Maybe the profile essay reads "John Grisham is much better than Tom Clancy, because Tom Clancy sucks!"

I'm that guy

@ Gabe

I don't know about you guys, but I definitely go out of my way to criticize many random people in my profile! You're being ridiculous, the majority of posts in a profile are going to have a positive association because you're telling people who you ARE, not who you are not...


this is probably the fourth or fifth place i have seen these okcupid results misinterpreted

get it straight- they do not say that white guys mention tom clancy and the big lebowski they say that if tom clancy and the big lebowsi are mentioned it is most likely by a white guy

yikes on bikes

It's a good thing I'm not looking for love, because from my (theoretical) profile I'd be an Asian man. Not helpful for a lesbian.

Crystal Lyght

Two things I want to say:

1. Presidents are never 'elected' by poular vote - they are pre arranged a decade or so in advance (check the list of Skull and Bones members, check the bloodlines - check Obama...) and I have worked for presidential elections in the past.

2. Most important is "prostitutes" puts a bad taste in the mouths of the public. Perhaps we might change the title to PRABs - Pleasure, Relief And Bliss. Go for it.

A masseus