Entourage and the "Paps": Bring Your Questions for Adrian Grenier

Adrian Grenier in Teenage PaparazzoPhoto: HBO

We feature all kinds of people on this blog – drug dealers, prostitutes, even academic economists – but readers are always complaining that we don’t have any movie stars. Today that changes.

Below we are soliciting your questions for Adrian Grenier, the actor who plays Vincent Chase on HBO’s Entourage and has appeared in The Devil Wears Prada and other films. Grenier also makes documentary films – Shot in the Dark (2002), which chronicled his search for his estranged father, and Teenage Paparazzo, which premieres on HBO on Sept. 27. (The Sleb Suit, meanwhile, is already available.)

Teenage Paparazzo is a film about the paparazzi industry, yes, but it is also a film about the price of fame; it focuses on Grenier’s intriguing relationship with a 15-year-old paparazzo named Austin Visschedyk. I saw the film a few months ago at the Gen Art Film Festival, and thought it was quite good. Visschedyk is a fantastic character; as a celeb himself, Grenier is in a good position to assess the state of fame; and the film also features trenchant commentary from folks like Mark Crispin Miller.


The best indication that Grenier has good taste as a filmmaker: even though he interviewed me for a couple hours for this film, he left it all on the cutting-room floor. That said, I very much enjoyed speaking with him; he’s got a curiosity about the world that I find uncommon among entertainers.

Grenier has agreed to field your questions about paparazzi, fame and the lot, so leave your questions in the comments section below and, as always, we’ll post his answers in short course. I am guessing you might throw a few Entourage questions at him as well, e.g.: Was that really you jumping out of that plane, or a stunt double?

Mike Wiesenberg

When your (TV) character on Entourage, as a movie star, denigrates TV actors, do you feel the sting of irony that you are ironically, at that moment working as a TV star?

Maji Qadri

A few questions, Adrian. Thanks for taking them-
How accurate is the portrayal of the actor\agent\manager relationship on Entourage?
What chapter did you find most interesting in Freakonomics and\or Superfreakonomics?

Robert Sandor

What are the primary negatives of being a visually recognizable celebrity and what do you do to off set these negatives?

Buddy Walker

Don't you think that you could benefit professionally by legally changing your name to Vincent Chase? Vince has instant name recognition and already has a huge fan base. Do you think this could take you to the next level as an actor?

Abe Stalin

Do we need so many paparazzi pictures of celebrities arriving (or departing) at LAX? It strikes me as the height of laziness for photographers to hang out at the airport because they know sooner or later almost every celebrity in town will walk through there. Does this collective obsession with the minutia of celebrity lives have an upside?

Maria Betances CMS

Quick question, Adrian hos does it actually feel worknig on a set in where women and alcohol are related compared to working with freakonomics? What was your opportuninty cost while working with freakonomics? And another question, how do you feel as a world wide known celebrity?
O by the way, I LOVE ENTOURAGE!

Larry Granozio

As a teenager, it might have been a dream to have sex scenes with an attractive porn star, like Sasha Gray. Now that I'm older, I don't think I would enjoy or appreciate the pairing much. I would be thinking about diseases, or how crazy she must be.
Anyway, I'm not going to ask you if you like sharing the screen with Sasha, because I wouldn't know if you were answering politically or from the heart in your response if you said you did. So instead I'll ask this: If you had an actress playing the part of a porn star, rather than an actual porn star would that make a difference to you? Or are most of the girls in their 20 somethings as promiscous as a porn star, thus defeating any purpose of my email...that's assuming there's a purpose behind it in the first place?!?!? Best of Luck to you in the future.It's a bright one for sure.


What qualities do you possess that separate you from less successful actors? What weaknesses do you have that separate you from more successful actors? How do you go about utilizing your strengths and improving your weakness on an ongoing basis? Do you ever sit down and analyze the decisions you have made in interesting ways?


How easy or difficult is it to avoid media scrutiny as a celebrity? Do many of the trainwrecks we see on shows like TMZ or in the tabloids actually crave attention, or is it just that difficult to avoid? It seems like there are thousands of actors we never hear about unless they have a new project coming out (which is just fine with me).


Do you ultimately blame the general public - the readers of tabloids - for being responsible for the intrusions of privacy by the paparazzi?


Hi Adrian. Firstly, great season again congratulations...I believe since mid 2000s a very few T.V shows have created interesting "Male" characters that inspired many of us(as audience). Such as Nip/Tuck, Californication, Entourage and lately Mad Men.

Specifically with your own role and character in entourage, you were one of these and I think a very unique one, really representing one of our own generation (Considering myself too, 29-30),...

How do you feel about this ? being one of these important and actors that represent rare/inspiring characters...


Just wanted to let you know as a 50 year old male who grew up in NYC, I love your show. The more things change the more they stay the same. Guys will be guys,


Hi Adrian
There are some celebrities that you always see in the magazines, but other seemingly just as popular celebs are rarely seen. How do they stay out of the limelight? Why do you think there is such a difference in L.A. versus N.Y. when it comes to paparazzi?
Thanks! Also, I'm a big fan of Entourage!


If given the the choice between increasing your fame, decreasing your fame and leaving it unchanged, would you choose to be more famous than you currently are or less famous? If being famous carried no monetary reward, would your answer change?


I'm beginning to fear next in line is Paris Hilton.


Since it is a scripted TV show, Entourage is essentially a fiction. Based on your experiences in Hollywood, do you consider Entourage to be reality or fantasy? And will Vince ever wake up and decide he just wants a normal anonymous life?

Bill C.

At what point in your career (if ever) did your fame transition from flattering and exciting to be recognized on the street, asked for an autograph, etc to bothersome and intrusive? Have you developed methods to cope with the excessive attention and have a seemingly "normal" day or night out?


Adrian, I'm happy to hear your doing more than acting, this shows how much of a complete artist you actually are.
One thing that has been on my mind however, is how you manage your money. Do you have a certain person that manages all your income? With everything you do in your day, how do you make sure everything is kept safe? Nevertheless, do you sometimes feel like you would want to have a job thats more connected with economics, business etc.?
By the way, what's the date for season 8 premiere?


How do you feel, that in real life, you're not as balla as your character in Entourage?


I'm a huge fan of both Entourage and Freakonomics. What topics should the freakonomists explore? Can you suggest any hypotheses related to Hollywood or the entertainment industry? I enjoyed the post investigating Hard Knocks and its correlation to the season record of teams featured on the show. Do you think there is a way to predict box office success or ratings for a show such as Entourage? If so, how much weight would you give said study? Thanks!